Quincy robot toy

Designed for kids ages 3-8


Learn drawing, math, spelling and puzzles by fun

Drawing toy

Inspiring the Artists of

Every child can be an artist. Quincy is a drawing robot to help unlock your child's talent and unleash their full potential early. It creates the best visual experience for kids as all of our arts are designed with the style of British painter's selection of drawing. Quincy is like a little “home teacher” for arts education and enables kids to become familiar with and deepen their knowledge of drawing.

Go Beyond a Drawing Robot

With Quincy, kids can learn drawing step by step, counting and math puzzles, spelling words, getting familiar with alphabets and numbers. Quincy is like a little friend for kids. It talks, blinks, draws and writes. Kids can have fun by drawing and playing games with Quincy.

Quincy Introduction
Drawing lesson

The first drawing lesson for kids

Scan a drawing card, Quincy will shows, talks and explains step by step how to finish each picture. Day by day, kids acquire skills to draw and finally apply their imagination to create their own work.

Math counting and puzzle

Playing counting and math puzzles with Quincy

Scan a math challenge card, Quincy will draw and tell a story about the card. Watch and listen carefully, Quincy will ask counting and math questions from time to time. Figure out the correct answer and scan the number card.


Having fun with Quincy in the ABC world

When each picture is finished drawing, Quincy will ask how to spell the words of the picture name. Scan the letter cards with the right alphabets one by one.


Small Robot. Big Possibilities

Product Specification

Hi, nice to
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Quincy user guide, Quincy learning cards
What’s in the box
Product Dimensions105*105*153mm
Item Weight516g
LanguageEnglish, Russia, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian and Chinese
SpeakerBuilt-in high-quality speaker
Manufacturer Recommended Age3- 8 years
Charging Time2 - 2.5 hours (Fully Charged)
Working time5.5 hours without stop
Ports & ConnectorsMicro USB port*
BatteryBuilt-in 2500mah rechargeable lithium battery
External enclosure made from harmless PET plastic Non-skid silicone base

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